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scrumptious (5/5) Nov 14, 2012 Ariana NYC
  i am a chocoholic and am very particular about how chocolate scented things smell, this truly smells real and captures the essence of pure chocolate. great job. not too strong which i love
Love this one (5/5) Apr 27, 2010 Bridget US
  I was hesitant to buy a chocolate scented candle due to being concerned about whether we would be able to smell it. This is definately a strong candle! I love the smell of it! so do my kids. It is very authentic!
Chocolate Soy Candle (5/5) Sep 1, 2009 Lisa
  I bought a 26 oz. Chocolate candle. It smells just like hot chocolate. I love it! It has a strong throw and looks beautiful! Burns perfectly!
5oz Chocolate Candle (5/5) Sep 1, 2009 Shorty
  I'm not usually a food candle type person, I recieved this as a promo in the 5 oz jar. I must say I burned the entire thing. It def doesnt have that fake chocolate smell. It smells just like real cocoa. I'm always pleasently surprised when I enter my kitchen and smell this delicious fragrance.
Chocolate Soy Candle (5/5) Sep 1, 2009 Nina
  I'm a bit of a chocoholic, so this one is my overall favorite. I took it to work and would just open the lid and sniff it to help keep me away from the candy machine. We can't burn candles in the office. Then I put a candle warmer on my desk and voila' ! The whole office smells of chocolate!
Chocolate Soy Candle (5/5) Sep 1, 2009 Dale Parker
  Really authentic fragrance and strong throw. Burning this candle along with "Wild Cherry" is 'like a box of chocolates'.

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