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Global Rating: 4.71 from 7 reviews.

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Herb Garden (4/5) Mar 25, 2012 Tiffany Gray Richardson Te US
  The 16 oz Herb Garden candle burns nicely and has a very pleasant green scent. I think the fragrance scent is moderate to strong (but not "very strong"). I burned it in my large room that has very high ceilings (20 ft).

I will probably buy it again but will need 2 or 3 of them to have the desired fragrance affect in my large house.
Ooo! (4/5) Mar 15, 2012 Anonymous
  This is one of my favorites! The fragrance is a little hard to describe. To me, it has a bit of a sweet smell at first which transitions to a somewhat musky scent. It is different than any fragrance I have burned and I really like it. The fragrance is on the strong side and will easily fill the room. I would purchase this again.
Perfectly Pleasant! (5/5) Feb 7, 2011 Janet Springfield MO US
  When I read the reviews on several sites for this candle, I was confident about purchasing the largest size. I cannot find the words for this fragrance but it is one that I cannot imagine anyone disliking. I have tried about 5 fragrances ...this being my absolute favorite(so far). It is such a wonderful scent, strong but mellow and smooth, with such a great scent combination...not too much or too little of anything! If you love sandalwood amber you will love this scent, not like sandalwood amber except PI did the same extraordinary job! Perfect scent!!!! Highly recommend!!!!
yep- it's good! (5/5) Dec 10, 2010 Elle Pleasant Valley NY US
  I agree with PI and my fellow reviewers...this is difficult to describe, but such a nice, clean smell. It seems fairly strong but not obnoxious.

I'm home all day, and this is a really good scent for any room, but I like it best in the bathroom.
Herb Garden Candle (5/5) Sep 1, 2009 J. Gear
  I LOVE LOVE this candle. It has such a nice clean smell. So relaxing. This scent is by far the favorite in my workplace. My co-workers come to my area daily to see which new scent I will have and Herb Garden is the pullaway favorite and most requested. I have ran out of both candles I ordered will have to order lots of this scent. It has a nice scent throw. Not overly strong just enough. I can smell rosemary the best. It is one of the best scents I have tried. The scent is like spending a day at a luxurious spa.

Herb Garden Candle (5/5) Sep 1, 2009 Angela
  This is one of my all time favorite PI candles. I have no clue what is in it, but it smells so good, I don't really care. Whenever I am stressed out, I smell this scent and it relaxes me instantly. I LOVE IT!!!
Herb Garden Candle (5/5) Sep 1, 2009 CC Thomas
  I love this scent, but was pleasantly surprised when my husband commented a few times how much he liked it this candle. I find it throws a strong scent. In fact, I had the back patio door open and picked up the scent as I walked through my back yard! It is halfway gone and still as strong as ever, so it seems to hold its own. I can't exactly describe the mix of scents in this candle. I think if you liked the original herbal essence shampoo you might like this. Mind you, it's not the same, but there is just something about it that keeps you guessing.

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