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True Peppermint Aroma (5/5) Jan 13, 2014 Elizabeth Wilmington De US
  This is a wonderful candle - an aroma that is so clean and fresh. Both my husband and daughter say they love the scent so I know it's a winner (my daughter has an ultra-sensitive sense of smell and my husband has an almost non-existent one.) The scent throw of the 26 ounce jar is excellent but not overwhelming. I will buy this one again.
Sweet & minty (4/5) Jan 2, 2013 Amye BD US
  This candle smells just like peppermint candy. I burned a 5 oz. in a bathroom, and it filled that small room but didn't go beyond, so I'm not sure it's 'very strong'. Perhaps a larger, two-wick candle would make a difference. I like strong scents, and would like to have a peppermint candle that doesn't have the candy sweetness. However, this is more powerful than other brands I've tried.
Peppermint Candles (5/5) Sep 1, 2009 Lisa
  I have Peppermint in a 16 oz. jar. I haven't burned it yet, so I will update the strength part after I burn it.
However, while smelling it this weekend the first thought that came to mind was Lifesaver's peppermint candies. This is the first peppermint candle that I've ever smelled that actually smells like peppermint.

I've bought a lot of peppermint candles and most of them smell minty but they don't have the real essential oil smell of peppermint. Many of the peppermint candles seem to have a light vanilla background to tone down the scent which may be why they only smell minty but not pepperminty.
I also like the vanilla in the background (I think PI offers this as Snow Clouds) but it should not be called a pure peppermint candle if it doesn't smell like pure peppermint. I've also noted a fuel smell when burning other peppermint candles. After I burn PI's I will update everyone on the strength and how it smells burning.

I bet it will smell fantastic! On cold smell this candle is worthy of the Peppermint title

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