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So good! (5/5) Nov 8, 2013 Anonymous
  Love these candles! Lovely fragrance. Strong without being overpowering.
Pumpkin Pie candles (5/5) Sep 1, 2009 Priya
  This candle smells EXACTLY like a Pumpkin Pie that it's almost eerie. I can smell the sweet pumpkin pie filling, along with the flaky pie crust. I have no idea how they were able to do that!

My mom has the small 5 oz. candle and it smells great cold and even better when it's lit. The small candle packs a great punch in her open, large living room. Even when it's not lit, I can smell the pumpkin pie when I walk past it. This is a perfect scent (for anytime of the year), but particularly during fall and Thanksgiving.

As Nancy stated, if you're thinking of trying this scent, and you love pumpkin pie, you will not be disappointed! It is absolutely intoxicating and delicious (with no added calories)!
Pumpkin Pie candles (5/5) Sep 1, 2009 Nancy
  I'm enjoying my Pumpkin Pie Soy Candle so much, that I have to share this with all of you who may be thinking about trying it. I have this candle sitting in my sun room, which is only divided by a breakfast bar from the kitchen.

As soon as I walk in the door each evening after work, I light it. In a matter of seconds, the incredible aroma has filled the air & is wafting upstairs. My husband almost always comes downstairs & asks me what I have baking in the oven. (On one of these occasions, I felt badly & baked him a coffee cake)

I sincerly encourage everyone who is contiplating trying this scent to do so. I promise, you will "Love" it. (I just ordered one lastnight to be shipped to my daughter Vanessa, who resides in Texas)
Pumpkin Spice (5/5) Nov 9, 2009 Maurine San Diego CA
  I agree that this candle smells delicious! I was searching all over for the perfect Pumpkin Spice candle, and this is it. I buy it by the case! A close second is the Autumn Splendour! I highly recommend this candle!
Delightful (5/5) Oct 30, 2012 Carol Dehorty Wilmington De US
  Found you online looking for "pumpkin candles". Keep this in my living room. As soon as you enter my home, you smell pumpkin pie. Love it!!!
Smells Like Maple Syrup (1/5) Oct 28, 2011 Kelley Orlando Fl US
  I was really excited to try this candle after all the rave reviews (and since my favorite pumpkin pie candle maker when out of business), but I was disappointed. When I smelled it unlit, it just smelled like spicy crust. When I burned it, it smells like maple syrup. Not what I was planning.
VERY IMPRESSED!! (5/5) Sep 21, 2012 Robin Stephens McDonough GA US
  In my never ending quest for a truely wonderful candle I found this and it is "truely wonderful". It filled my entire apartment with awesome baking smells. I sat down at once at my computer and ordered the vanilla and oatmeal cookie thinking I had found my "candle source". Not so much. The vanilla (10 oz) was burned in my bedroom, hard to smell. The oatmeal cookie (5 oz) in the bathroom, nothing. I WILL be back for pumpkin pie and I will give several others a try (just in case).
Smells like I'm baking! (5/5) Dec 7, 2009 Janice Crosiar Duluth GA US
  This smells just like the pie when Im baking! It has a strong scent throw and is so yummy! My hubby came home from work and thought I had a pie baking in the oven. I felt so bad for him that I baked him one. This is the best pumpkin pie candle ever!
Perfection (5/5) Aug 18, 2013 Robin Stephens McDonough Ge US
  This is not my first order of PI pumpkin pie and it will not be my last. The only candle in my home and I burn them year round. I have found "the perfect candle". Neighbors passing by when I open my front door have given me many compliments on how my apartment smells!
Coming Back 4 More (5/5) Sep 12, 2012 Robin Stephens McDonough Ge US
  In all honesty I cannot say it smells exactly like a pumpkin pie baking but it does smell as if something GOOD is in the oven. It fills my apartment with Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas all at once. It's cozy and comforting. Burns clean and is strong enough for the entire apartment. Ordered more "flavors" this morning.

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