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Pure Integrity Soy Candles, New York

About Pure Integrity Soy Candles

Like many of you, my husband & I enjoy the ambiance & fragrance of lit candles. What we did not enjoy was the lack of "scent throw", the wicks burning out,  the large tunnel down the middle of the candle &  the black soot covering our candle jars & everything else. Concerned about the health implications of breathing this black soot, we began to research. This marked the beginning of our candle making journey. What we learned about typical candles was shocking. Out of our passion for health we set out to create a healthier & stronger scented candle. And we did!

  • Our soy wax and fragrances are a healthier alternative to paraffin/petroleum wax candles made with 100% synthetic fragrances.
  • Our soy candles have 50% more fragrance than other candle we know of on the market today because we invented an Innovative Fragrance Technology.
  • Our candles burn clean and even top to bottom.

I have always been crazy about candles, but had been disappointed with the lack of fragrance or the lack of a clean burn with some other brands. I was impressed with the consistently high reviews about Pure Integrity candles from other candle enthusiasts. My order arrived, I quickly unpacked everything & lit a candle. The fragrance of the Lemongrass soy candle   filled the house (and I live in a two-story house). I kept the candle lit & was pleasantly surprised to see that the candle burned cleanly and evenly with no smoke residue on the jar.  By Bonnie Roach (Ohio)


Rated Best Scented Soy Candle 9 Years In A Row On CandleFind Compared To Other National Brands & Continuously Receive Raving Reviews All Over The Net!

Featured In Buffalo Spree Magazine
Rated Best Scented Soy Candle Online
Raving Reviews In 5 Minutes For Mom

Pure Integrity Candles Out-Scent YANKEE CANDLES


There is no question in my opinion that Pure Integrity Candles, are the best candles you can purchase today. They are clean burning, with very little or no soot and better yet, no toxic emissions.

Their candles have much stronger and realistic scent than any Yankee Candle I have ever owned, including Yankee's new "YC" product line, and their paraffin/soy line. Their scents are so realistic you will swear they actually have the fruit, flower or dessert in the candle!

My favorites are your  Orange Vanilla Candles, Lemongrass Sage Candles, and Vanilla Candles

- By Frances Kilian Spokane, Washington


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