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Absolutely adorable!! Made from recycled baby food jars, these exceptionally strong candles are sure to be a hit at your baby shower! Minimum order of 20 required.

Burn Time:
approximately 20-25 hours
1.5" x 2.75"
Only 1 wick

I’m tired of buying candles that smell great in the jar and you get home and light them to find little to no scent.

The biggest reason Pure Integrity Soy Candles smell better than other candles is because we invented a way to get our fragrance to absorb (hold) better than any other mass produced candle we know of on the market today. This is due to our invention of an Innovative Fragrance Technology combined with our 7 Step Hand Pouring Process.

Candle making is part science and part art, we believe it is our passion that pulls the two together in order to make perfect healthy scented candles. We often tell people it is easy to make a candle but it is very difficult to make even burning candles with a great scent throw.

I read your customer reviews & testimonials - people rave about how fragrant your soy candles are! How come I don't see you in TJ Max, Walmart or Bed Bath & Beyond?

Over a decade ago, we made the decision to NOT SELL Pure Integrity Candles through conventional national retailers, including the large big box stores.

We wanted our prices to be competitive with typical paraffin/petroleum based candles on the market without sacrificing quality. The costs of making our candles are higher because we use BETTER QUALITY raw materials and MORE FRAGRANCE. In order to keep prices down, we decided to sell our candles through our own retail locations and our website. This avoids pricey markups through conventional retailers.

Over the years, several large national retailers have contacted us to place our candle line in their stores and attempted to convince us to cut costs by reducing quality which would allow them to sell our candles with higher profits. We’ve refused!

I think you will be glad we have stood firm to our original intent of providing an amazingly scented healthy candle at a great price. Our Candles are available in high end salon spa's across the U.S. & Europe. These select retailers share our vision in offering our candles at an affordable price not forcing us to cut costs so they can discount our candles. 

Are paraffin candles really harmful to my health?

There is some debate over this question. Commonsense would certainly lead you to believe that burning any petroleum product indoors is not the healthiest thing in the world. Well, paraffin wax is literally one of the by-products of petroleum oil when making/refining gasoline.

Now, we are not saying that a single candle is going to kill anyone, but if there is a healthier alternative available, why not choose it? Many of our loyal fans started burning Pure Integrity Soy Candles because of the health benefits and continue burning them because of our incredible scent-throw.

In addition to using 100% Natural Soy Wax, we go above and beyond to assure that our fragrances are healthier. They contain no phthalates and meet all California Proposition 65 standards. Whether you have allergies, asthma or any type of airborne sensitivity we believe you will notice a big difference when burning our candles.

Give me 3 reasons I should buy your candles over other brands online.

1) Our candles have a better scent throw! Scented Strong top to bottom. We infuse more fragrance & our wax absorbs more fragrance then the current  industry scent load capacity. You will LOVE how our candles fill your house with fragrant aromas. 
2) Soy wax is an healthier alternative burning clean with no petro soot. You will LOVE knowing that burning our candles is a healthier and cleaner choice for you & your loved ones. 
3) Stop wasting money on toxic candles that leave wasted wax in the jar and give off little to no scent.


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Quick & Secure ordering. Fast Delivery & Free Shipping on all orders over $100.00 & $5.00 Flat Rate Shipping on Orders Over $59.00

Authentic Fragrances

We invite you to fill your home with amazing mood enhancing realistic and authentic clean fragrances. Enjoy the ambient dancing flicker of candlelight through our minimalistic but safe, thick grade, label free frosted glass jars.

Healthier & Affordable Price

Feel good about burning our paraben, petroleum and phthalate free fragrances uniquely formulated at the highest percent, natural, biodegradable and petro soot free soy wax candles, allowing you to enjoy everyday opulence at an affordable price.

Burn Clean & Even

We test carefully, making sure our candles burn steadily and evenly, with a long burn time and a steady release of scent. No toxic petro soot left on the jars, ceilings, or appliances! No wasted wax, tunneling or holes. 

Look Who Loves Our Candles!



Average rating:
average rating 100%
1 reviews

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Really nice, different 01/21/2019
By Really nice
Ive been ordering from PI for over 10 years. I ordered the baby boy blue candles for daughters shower. They
looked so nice on the tables and i love that they are in recycled baby food jars. I burned one candle to test it out and it has very nice baby powder scent and as with all PI candles, that little candle filled the room with fragrance. I also appreciate that i know i gave our guests a very high quality candle made from soy wax with all cotton wicks(no lead). Thank you for your wonderful candles!!
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