Adam’s Fruit Slices Scented Candle Review

What an amazing candle! I ordered your Fruit Slices Scented Candle  not knowing exactly what it will smell like. I was sure I would like it anyways after reading all the reviews on your site and across the web. The hand written letter along with the free sample was very generous! The free samples happened to be a scent my dad was thinking about buying, so thank you!

When I smelled this candle right out of the box I immediately fell in love. It is  a fresh fruity and citrusy scent which is what I love! I love the frosted glass and subtle colors while having a nicely designed label on the bottom instead along with the wood top, makes a great décor!

Thank you guys so much for the wonderful candle and great customer service.  We just don’t get that kind of niceness from any of the other corporations like Yankee and other candle companies out their.

- Adam