Balsam Citrus Scented Candle Review

I’ve been a PI customer for 5 or 6 years now, and only once did I get a candle I disliked. I just received a new scent today, that I was excited to try during the holidays – Balsam Citrus. I could smell it in the box, as usual, and thought it smelled good. But the second I removed the lid and brought it close to my face, this memory instantly hit me. I was sitting on my grandparents’ couch on Christmas Eve, reading a Disney scratch & sniff Christmas story with my sister. I lit the candle immediately, and I don’t know how it will smell in the weeks ahead and the farther down it burns, but for tonight, I am hit by a wave of nostalgia every time I walk into the room where it’s burning. Thank you PI. You got it very right with this one, and for as long as you carry this scent, I will be purchasing it for the holidays.

- Heather
Eagle, Idaho