Beautiful and strong scented candles

There are no candles, soy or otherwise, that can even compete with PIC. They are simply amazing and absolutely worth every cent. Beautiful and strong scented candles.  In the winter I have taken the soy tarts or the votive candles and placed them on the floor in front of my forced-air heat duct. No need to burn the candles or the tarts, really. As the warm air wafts over the tarts or votives the fragrance permeates every corner of the room they are placed in and then some! The chocolate candle that I tried for the first time is phenomenal. I think it can best be described as someone baking brownies in my kitchen. You will not be disappointed when you purchase from this company. Like the namesake implies; they are a company with integrity and will never sell you a cheapened watered down version of what made their company so well liked by so many repeat customers. I have shopped with these guys for at least the past 5 years and I will no longer purchase candles or wax tarts from any other business. Keep up the great business model!