Cathy’s Cranberry Spice Candle Review

I was VERY DISAPPOINTED in my recent purchase of Cranberry Spice. The majority of the reviews for Cranberry Spice  fragrance are excellent.
To me, it smells like the day after a New Year’s Eve party. The overpowering scent of wine is so disgusting, it actually made me sick.

I heard of Pure Integrity from an internet search, and I read of all the raving reviews of their candles and company.  I am happy with several of my other purchases. I think it is a great company.

Next time, I will take the reviews of candles with a “grain of salt”. Just because someone else likes a scent, does not mean I will like it. Again, Pi Candles burn fantastic with a great scent throw and I will continue to purchase their candles. This scent is just not for me I guess.

- Cathy