Delicious, Clean-Burning, Strongly Scented, Cozy Candles

I am absolutely thrilled with my Pure Integrity Candle purchase. I bought Coconut Breeze, Orange Vanilla, and Summer Bouquet, and they all smell AMAZING! So far, I have tried the Orange Vanilla and Coconut Breeze, and both burn very cleanly and fragrance a large area of my home. I am so impressed by the quality and the great smell of these products. Also, I love that they are 100% natural. I’ve tried many candles in my lifetime, and I rank Pure Integrity as the #1 in terms of quality, burn time, and fragrance strength. Additionally, I love that my package came with a hand-written note and a sample of the Strawberry Rhubarb candle (it smells amazing-I will be purchasing as soon as I run out of my current candles).

- Stephanie
Chicago, IL