Great smelling candles!

My husband is a painter on the side and has always refused to let me burn candles in the house. I learned about soy candles and how they don’t produce the black smoke and soot like paraffin candles do. I googled “best smelling soy candles” and this site was listed in an article as being the best. So I went for it. I must say, I am HOOKED on Pure Integrity candles now! I got my first shipment over the weekend and the scents were exactly what I wanted! I’d ordered from a previous vendor before and the smell just wasn’t as strong as I wanted. Pure Integrity definitely is!¬† These are Great smelling candles! I will never go with another soy candle brand again. They smell amazing and are the perfect amount of strong. My order arrived quickly and even contained a hand written thank you note with a free sample of another scent. I LOVE that! Customer service is great! I’m a lifelong customer now!

- Julie