Herb Garden Scented Candle Reviews

Denise’s Herbal Garden Candle Review

by Denise (long island, NY)

I love this scent! It is so soothing and uplifting at the same time! I will certainly purchase this fragrance again! Once again, I love the frosted jar…. when lit, it gives a soft glow to the room.

Herbal Garden

by Lynne (Pennsylvania)

These candles are the best I have ever purchased. This scent I use in my main living area. Everybody remarks about the beautiful scent of these candles when they come in. It is not overbearing but it goes through most of my upstairs. I bought these candles at a Fair years ago and continue to order them. Very nice!

Joy’s Herb Garden Scented Candle Review

by Joy (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Just opened and lit the Herb Garden tealight candles today.

Gentle scent, though strong enough to waft through the entire house.
Beautiful fragrance! Thank you!

Herb Garden Candle Review

Very fragrant! it’s true that the Herb Garden Candles smell is hard to describe but it does smell great! Soothing scent, definitely.