High Quality Scents

Let me first start by saying I absolutely love all of Pure Integrity Soy Candles! I have never been disappointed with my orders. They take extra care in handling/shipping as I have NEVER received damaged product(s), as well as always receiving my order in a timely fashion.
I was browsing the internet in search of that certain fragrance, to create a cozy, luxurious, or tranquil mood that would flow throughout my home and come across Pure Integrity Soy Candles. I can’t say enough about how much I love these candles. The tealights I must say are great as well. I placed a couple in my linen closet and WOW the smell is amazing!!
My favorite is Lilac Soy – It so reminds me of a huge lilac bush that grew in our yard as a child.
Lavender Fields – is also wonderful. Smells like your nose is buried in a bouquet.
Then, I tried Fresh Linen Soy – hmmm I’d describe it as something to a fresh smelling soapy, clean linen.
All I can say is I am deeply impressed with each and every candle I have purchased. The scent(s) permeates nicely throughout a room.

- JoAnn Clark
Indian Trail, NC (USA)