Hot Apple Strudel Soy Candle Review

Oh my goodness!!!! Was a first time buyer as I am hooked. Will never buy candles from any “brick and mortar” again !!! The Hot Apple Strudel is a strong scent but not overpowering. Sat it in my living room and light it for just a couple hours a day and my entire living room has the scent all day. Soft, but you notice it. People walk in my house and immediately comment how good it smells ( and I have 4 dogs !!). After much research on the health effects to people and dogs with asthma, I learned soy is the safest and approved by my vet. I could not be happier!! I have purchased “tons” of other companies candles and they either don’t last, burn with a black soot, hardly have a scent and burn so fast they were a waste of money!!!! These are definitely worth the price!!!! The little tealight gifts were not expected but a nice and give ideas for future purchases!

- stacey hale