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Frosted jars, attractive wooden lids, double cotton wicks. Pumpkin Pie and Oatmeal Cookie VERY strong yummy scents. Herb Garden very clean, green scent. Love all three scents! Lime Spritzer and Clove are nice but I like stronger scents. Lemongrass Sage, I like but my boyfriend thinks it smells like bug spray. I am thinking he was smelling bug spray as I had sprayed the kitchen a few days earlier. I am going to burn the candle again and see what he thinks as it smelled lemony when I first opened it. I will burn it no matter what he thinks as I like it! Pomegranite tea lights smell good and not too sweet, fruity. The soy candles burn clean and do not tunnel. I recommend Pure Integrity not only for the candles but for the exceptional customer service.
I have burnt the Lemongrass Sage and it does not smell like bug spray. It has a lemon scent with a faint herbal scent. It is a pretty lime color. I wish it was a stronger lemon scent but I still like it.
My boyfriend was standing by the Lemongrass Sage I had burning and he said it smelled really good and asked which candle it was. I told him it was the one he said smelled like bug spray so it WAS bug spray he was smelling. The Herb Garden, Lime Spritzer and Lemongrass smell great when they are burnt together (I am a three at a time burner and like scents to blend)

- Fran
United States

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