Nicole’s Fruit slices Soy Candle Review

Your candles are amazing!!!!  I am not easily impressed with scented candles.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE candles for a 2 reasons. The warm glow of the flame in a dimly lit room helps me relax after a long day, and I have two of the STINKIEST dogs God ever created. So strong scents are a must in my house.

I have tried many popular brands, and have grown so disappointed over the years due to the ever degrading quality. They burn uneven, lots of black soot, burn a core down the center, and lack of scent throw….despite my efforts to maintain wick length. I have ordered many brands this year, some very expensive, in my quest to find my “go to ” candle company.

Finally, I found Pure integrity and I am very satisfied! The Fruit Slices Soy Candle is one of my favorites- it is strong enough that I only need to light one candle to cover the smell of my farting french bulldogs! The quality is great; they burn cleaner than others and they burn even! I have not yet experienced the disappointment of lighting a candle and seeing the wick drowned in the wax pool, or the “core” burn as I call it, where it burned a core down the center – which is a waste of all the wax, and limits the scent.

If you are like me, and have grown weary trying to find a candle company that lives up to their claims, please give Pure Integrity a try. I would bet that you are not disappointed.

- Nicole
Bristol Pa