So Glad I ordered these Candles

I recently ordered several candles from Pure Integrity and they arrived quickly and well packed.
The scents I ordered were Lemongrass Sage, Pomegranate, and Ocean Breeze. I received Rain, Peach, Herb Garden and Almost Paradise.
So far, all the candles have burned amazingly well with no tunneling, and burn evenly all the way to the edges.
The Lemongrass Sage was a 10 oz and has a very strong throw. It is a nice clean citrus scent.
The pomegranate is a 5 oz candle with a light throw. Combined with the peach tea lights, it smells like a yummy fruit stand in my living room and foyer. The peach tea lights have a medium throw. This combination is my favorite and I’ll be reordering in larger sizes.
The Ocean Breeze is also a 5 oz. and has a light throw also. It is a nice clean, crisp scent. This one will be staying in my bathroom for bubble baths.
The Almost Paradise reminds me of cherries and cream. It is a pleasant “happy” smell.
I haven’t burned the Rain or Herb Garden scents yet but both smell very nice cold. The rain has a crisp and powder sort of smell and the Herb Garden reminds me of Angel perfume.
Ordering from Pure Integrity has been a great experience all around. I think the prices are worth the quality and customer service. I will definitely order again.

- anonymous
United Sates