Susan’s Vanilla Almond Candle Review

I have just begun to use these candles about 6 wks. ago. Right now, I am enjoying the Vanilla Almond candle. I am thrilled to have finally found a true strong scented candle. I have also finally found a clean burning candle & I have always wanted that. I have found a candle that also does do what these owners say they do…..they burn to the bottom with not one bit of any build-up. What they say on their website is true and not over exaggerated.
My summary of these candles is plain and simple. “Nothing NOT to like about them”, but EVERYTHING to “LOVE”. Buy them! Just try one & you will be buying again & again.
I have placed a second order in very short time wanting to try more of what they have to offer. I can only hope this Co. expands & makes many more scents for all of us to enjoy. THANK YOU, INTEGRITY CANDLES! I will be one of your top customers from here on in-of that you can be sure.
Susan V. Ebner

- Susan V. Ebner
Bucks County, Penna.