Tiffany’s Fruit Slices Candle Review

Fruit Slices soy candle (10 oz)

Q: What was your “fragrance experience” with our candles?

A: The Fruit Slices scent was what i was hoping for, but it was fainter than I had hoped. I loved the fragrance, it smelled really good. Perhaps, I should have used a larger candle being that I have very, very high ceilings and very large rooms. I’m a big fan of citrus scents. I think I will give this candle a try in the large size, with my fingers crossed that my large rooms just need larger candles.

Q: What room did you burn our candle in?

I first burned the candle in my very large family room but did not smell it very much. Note: I was sure to burn it for 2-3 hours for the first time ensuring that there was an even pool of liquid wax before blowing it out. I next burned it in my bedroom; the bedroom is much smaller than the family room and but again it has a very high ceilings, it’s not as high as in my family room. I smelled it a little more in the bedroom but still not as strong as I was hoping. I have the 10 ounce size.

- Tiffany
Richardson, TX