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Lemongrass & Clary Sage Soy Candles

Average rating:
average rating 96%
257 reviews
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Enjoy the fragrance of lively, invigorating lemongrass with fresh green notes slightly enhanced by sage. This is the perfect scent for those who love the Spring season.

Candle Size:   10oz, 14.5oz, 16oz, 28oz, Tealights and Melts

Burn Time:
approximately 40-45 hours
Signature 100% soy wax that delivers a clean, consistent burn.
Phthalate Free & Petroleum Free Fragrances that are healthier & amazingly authentic.
Double grade high density frosted glass jars that are 100% recyclable.
Two Wicks:
100% cotton wicks that are lead free & hand straightened using signature wicking tool to ensure proper placement.

Coming Soon

Burn Time:
approximately 75-85 hours
Signature 100% soy wax that delivers a clean, consistent burn.
Phthalate Free & Petroleum Free Fragrances that are healthier & amazingly authentic.
Double grade high density frosted glass jars that are 100% recyclable.
Two Wicks:
100% cotton wicks that are lead free & hand straightened using signature wicking tool to ensure proper placement.

Coming Soon

Burn Time:
approximately 6-7 hours
Signature 100% soy wax that delivers a clean, consistent burn.
Phthalate Free & Petroleum Free Fragrances that are healthier & amazingly authentic.
Organza wrapped bag filled with 12 tealights
One Wick:
100% cotton wicks that are lead free & hand straightened using signature wicking tool to ensure proper placement.

Burn Time:
Signature 100% soy wax that delivers a clean, consistent burn.
Phthalate Free & Petroleum Free Fragrances that are healthier & amazingly authentic.
3.5oz. package contains 6 individual fragrant squares

I’m tired of buying candles that smell great in the jar and you get home and light them to find little to no scent.

The biggest reason Pure Integrity Soy Candles smell better than other candles is because we invented a way to get our fragrance to absorb (hold) better than any other mass produced candle we know of on the market today. This is due to our invention of an Innovative Fragrance Technology combined with our 7 Step Hand Pouring Process.

Candle making is part science and part art, we believe it is our passion that pulls the two together in order to make perfect healthy scented candles. We often tell people it is easy to make a candle but it is very difficult to make even burning candles with a great scent throw.

I read your customer reviews & testimonials - people rave about how fragrant your soy candles are! How come I don't see you in TJ Max, Walmart or Bed Bath & Beyond?

Over a decade ago, we made the decision to NOT SELL Pure Integrity Candles through conventional national retailers, including the large big box stores.

We wanted our prices to be competitive with typical paraffin/petroleum based candles on the market without sacrificing quality. The costs of making our candles are higher because we use BETTER QUALITY raw materials and MORE FRAGRANCE. In order to keep prices down, we decided to sell our candles through our own retail locations and our website. This avoids pricey markups through conventional retailers.

Over the years, several large national retailers have contacted us to place our candle line in their stores and attempted to convince us to cut costs by reducing quality which would allow them to sell our candles with higher profits. We’ve refused!

I think you will be glad we have stood firm to our original intent of providing an amazingly scented healthy candle at a great price. Our Candles are available in high end salon spa's across the U.S. & Europe. These select retailers share our vision in offering our candles at an affordable price not forcing us to cut costs so they can discount our candles. 

Are paraffin candles really harmful to my health?

There is some debate over this question. Commonsense would certainly lead you to believe that burning any petroleum product indoors is not the healthiest thing in the world. Well, paraffin wax is literally one of the by-products of petroleum oil when making/refining gasoline.

Now, we are not saying that a single candle is going to kill anyone, but if there is a healthier alternative available, why not choose it? Many of our loyal fans started burning Pure Integrity Soy Candles because of the health benefits and continue burning them because of our incredible scent-throw.

In addition to using 100% Natural Soy Wax, we go above and beyond to assure that our fragrances are healthier. They contain no phthalates and meet all California Proposition 65 standards. Whether you have allergies, asthma or any type of airborne sensitivity we believe you will notice a big difference when burning our candles.

Give me 3 reasons I should buy your candles over other brands online.

1) Our candles have a better scent throw! Scented Strong top to bottom. We infuse more fragrance & our wax absorbs more fragrance then the current  industry scent load capacity. You will LOVE how our candles fill your house with fragrant aromas. 
2) Soy wax is an healthier alternative burning clean with no petro soot. You will LOVE knowing that burning our candles is a healthier and cleaner choice for you & your loved ones. 
3) Stop wasting money on toxic candles that leave wasted wax in the jar and give off little to no scent.


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Quick & Secure ordering. Fast Delivery & Free Shipping on all orders over $100.00 & $5.00 Flat Rate Shipping on Orders Over $59.00

Authentic Fragrances

We invite you to fill your home with amazing mood enhancing realistic and authentic clean fragrances. Enjoy the ambient dancing flicker of candlelight through our minimalistic but safe, thick grade, label free frosted glass jars.

Healthier & Affordable Price

Feel good about burning our paraben, petroleum and phthalate free fragrances uniquely formulated at the highest percent, natural, biodegradable and petro soot free soy wax candles, allowing you to enjoy everyday opulence at an affordable price.

Burn Clean & Even

We test carefully, making sure our candles burn steadily and evenly, with a long burn time and a steady release of scent. No toxic petro soot left on the jars, ceilings, or appliances! No wasted wax, tunneling or holes. 

Look Who Loves Our Candles!



Average rating:
average rating 96%
257 reviews

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Featured Reviews:

average rating 100%
Too good for words to describe 11/03/2015
By Caroline
I do not often write reviews, but since I have relied so heavily on others' reviews lately, I decided I ought to do my fair share.

Let's start with customer service. Simply stellar! With each order, I receive a generous supply of samples and a personal handwritten note from the company thanking me for my business.

The samples are important. I live too far away from the retail locations to ever visit, so I rely on the samples and the reviews of others to make my selections.

Speaking of business, I prefer to support small businesses such as this with my hard earned money, rather than the huge corporate conglomerates.

The quality of the products is unmatched. The frosted glass jar is simple, elegant, and uncluttered by obnoxious labels. The solid wooden lid is a very attractive accent.

As long as you do your job and keep the wicks trimmed, these are the cleanest candles that I have ever burned. That's important, because I once had to repaint my entire bathroom due to the soot stain
average rating 100%
Beautiful scent combo 05/09/2017
By Kim in Cali
I love candles & have burned MANY brands over the years. Not crazy about harmful ingredients, I googled pure soy candles.
Appearance: Beautiful, the colors & jars are sublime!
Customer service: Impeccable & personal; who knew?!!
Fragrance: very nice & natural. The cold throne (scent strength when unlit) is good. While burning is nice, if I'm up close. This is my only hesitation in reordering BUT I suffer from sinus congestion, so I'm not the best critic on this point. I burned them in our 13'x11' tv room.
They burn exceptionally even & clean. They were extremely well-packaged, arrived in perfect condition AND arrived fast! The company is out of New York state. I'm in California. They arrived in just a few days.
The left over wax in the jar bottoms, which was minimal, is good for using in an electric scent warmer.
Scents are subjective. Just have fun, pick some & go for it!!
Would definitely recommend.
They also sent 2 tealights in scents I hadn't ordered for me to try. Nice! Well done.
average rating 100%
Never found another candle that compares ! 02/01/2017
By Victoria Carman
Love all these candles!! The quality and strength is evident !! The only maintenance is keeping your wicks trimmed...that's it !! Look no further...The fragrance can be strong if you choose it to be but never overpowering to a point of nausea or headache. The wonderful thing is that the categories of candle strength are so helpful for people that may be sensitive. However, if you put any candle in a larger room or open a door to a closed off room, you can just as easily control the strength as well. I only purchase the top 2 highest strength categories because my home has an open plan and I truly can get away with a large double wick strong strength candle in a 25x30 area with 13 foot ceilings. Never found another candle that compares. You get what you pay for here and what Pure Integrity gets in return from me is a loyal customer !! Thanks for the handwritten thank you notes. Please don't ever cut corners on your candle process or quality as times goes on. It's perfect !
average rating 100%
Lemon Zest 05/28/2021
By Catherine
I recently purchased the Lemongrass and Clary Sage Candle. I love this scent. I have it burning now as I am writing this review! It has a beautiful clean lemon fragrance which is strong but not at all overpowering. The scent reminds me of a basket of lemons sitting in my kitchen during the warm Spring and Summer months. I also get a slight hint of a grassy scent along with the lemon. This candle can be relaxing or used to feel energetic. It is a perfect pick me up scent for a hectic day! My candle arrived very quickly and was packaged very nicely. The glass jar is beautiful and elegant along with the pretty wood cover. This candle burns clean and has no black smoke or soot. I was greeted with a sweet thank you note along with some free tealite candle samples! I have ordered before from Pure Integrity and will continue to do so. They have many scents to choose from. The problem is I can never make up my mind on which to order! Thank you Pure Integrity for the great service!
average rating 100%
Strong scent 05/05/2021
By Abbey
I was gifted this scent plus Woodstock one year for Christmas from a friend. I love Woodstock more than I could explain and just ordered 3 more! Im surprised that I dont love this scent as much- Lemongrass is one of my favorite scents ever.

I enjoy this scent and ordered another but Im surprised that I dont like it more. I think how strong of a fragrance it is throws me off, this one will definitely hit you in the face with the fragrance. This is definitely be better suited for larger areas as opposed to bedrooms or smaller rooms.

These candles are the best Ive ever used. They burn nice & slow and have strong scents that last long after you stopped burning them. My problem with candles is that the fragrances dont usually stick around after youre finished burning them and thats not the case with Pure Integrity candles whatsoever. Its nice to know they are good for me
average rating 100%
So good my husband even likes them! 05/24/2017
By Jessica Heard
We began ordering one large candle in lavender. The order came promptly, well packaged and included a free tea light sample of another scent and a heart-warming handwritten note! We were so pleased with the clean burning, and long lasting scent that when it came time to place the next order, we got two large candles: "Lemongrass and Clary Sage" as well as "Herb Garden". My husband says he's enjoyed all the candles (The other kinds we have tried he says smell "plastic-ey") from Pure Integrity, but the Herb Garden variety is his favorite. All the candles have been beautiful to display as well as burn. Visitors to our home comment on the lovely smell as well.
We will continue coming back for more candles - prompt response - and the personal touch that goes into every order! It goes a long way to making us feel like valued customers.
average rating 100%
Love, Love, Love!!! 08/11/2016
By Irene
So far I have bought three Pure Integrity candles and this lemon grass & Clary sage is by far my favorite!! Smells very clean and fresh. I use it in my kitchen. I don't care for many candle scents in the kitchen but this definitely works there. It is strong without being cloying. I also have vanilla which is great. Very natural vanilla fragrance with no fake chemical smell. Vanilla is by far the strongest fragrance I have so far. Nice frosted glass jars with very attractive wooden lids. To get the best use of the candle with no tunneling or soot follow the burning directions on this website. I have used many different brands of candles and Pure Integrity brand is equal to or better than even the high end but ridiculously overpriced candles such as Jo Malone. You will not be disappointed in the quality of these candles!!
average rating 100%
27 oz Candles 04/10/2018
By Cindi Goldman
I searched the internet for quality soy jar candles and came upon Pure Integrity. I liked what the reviews had to say, so I purchased the Lemongrass & Clary Sage, Lavender, Lily of the Valley (for my sister), and Rose. The candles were delivered very quickly, and well packaged. I received a hand written note, which I thought was quite thoughtful! I absolutely love the warm ambiance the candles produce when lit against the frosted glass. The colors of the candles and their fragrances are amazing. I placed them in my living room, bathroom, and bedroom. My sister loves her candle, and we have both received complements on their scent and beauty. I have since ordered more candles from Pure Integrity whom I highly recommend to others. God bless.
average rating 100%
Best melt I have found 06/23/2016
By Felicia
I generally do not go back after a purchase and write a review except before I purchase an item I read the reviews. I figured I need to write one for this product.
These candles are awesome because they burn clean and do not contain harmful chemicals which I am trying to stay away from. After doing lots of research on candles these became my number one choice. I ordered the melts and they live up to their description and others reviews. The smell wonderful and there are lots of different fragrances to choose from.
Customer service is A++++. A handwritten note included with your order to give the personal touch. A surprise gift was just that a surprise. I have found the place to buy my candles and I will be a returning customer.
average rating 100%
Clean, spa-like candle 05/04/2018
By Kimberli
I was searching for a soy-based, non-lead wick candle as an alternative for a national brand candle that I’ve used for years. I found Pure Integrity when searching on the Internet and I am so happy I have found them! I first tried autumn splendor last fall, and it was a beautifully-scented candle that filled my two-story foyer with a beautiful scent. Since then I have tried about 10 different scents and I have never been disappointed. I love lemongrass & clary sage, my newest candle. It smells like a spa and it fills my very large room with a lovely, relaxing scent. I am a fan! Thank you for clean-burning candles that are safe for my home and family!
average rating 100%
Love this scent! 11/05/2018
By Janna
After reading so many stellar reviews, and searching for a scented tea light source, I am so pleased to find you! I ordered several fragrances, and am slowly working my way through trying them all. :) I used to burn several candles at a time, but these are SO GOOD that I am savoring having one scent at a time. They are the most cleanly burning candle I have ever encountered - and I'm 62. This one is especially fresh and sweet. It may be my all time favorite, but I still have 4 others to try. :) I appreciate the clear holders and the steady flame and smell. Delightful! Thanks for lighting up my world.
average rating 100%
Knocked My Socks Off 06/18/2018
By Laura Castelli
Based on the quantity and quality ratings, I knew I would enjoy this scent. I am a lemongrass freak. Its clean citrusy goodness has not yet failed me.

My husband, however, thinks its a bit much.

While I love and respect my husband, we have been married for a quarter century. I have earned the right to occasionally say, I dont care. This is not entirely true; of course I care! Most of the time, anyway...

My compromise: I burn it when hes not around, and extinguish it an hour or two before he comes back from doing his man things.

Works out for both of us.
average rating 100%
Just What I Needed 06/04/2018
By Celia
Lemongrass is one of my favorite scents, so I was so excited to see the sale on these candles. I bought two 10 oz. lemongrass and clary sage candles; one for me and one for my mom. I've been burning it at the end of the day to help me relax and it's such a wonderful, strong and clean scent. The fact that it's a soy candle made with natural ingredients is icing on the cake. My mom loved the gift of the candle and is so excited to enjoy it herself. The "fruit slice" tealight samples are also greatly appreciated! The scent is not overpowering at all. I'll definitely be a returning customer.
average rating 100%
Best candles 06/28/2020
By brandy hathcox
This company is awesome! The candles smell so good. Different ones smell stronger than others, so choose wisely. Customer service is outstanding! I love how they will send samples of different scents with your order. This helps me want to buy more because Ive tried the scents before I buy. So happy to have found a small business with great products!
Jasmine sent is very light but makes my den feel calm and refreshing. Lemongrass and herb scent are stronger and fill my house with pleasant smells! Love them
Both! Highly recommend this company Their candles make great gifts!!
average rating 100%
Absolutely wonderful 07/05/2018
I have already tried several PI Soy Candles and I'm addicted! I'm still searching for the ONE fragrance that best describes what I would call the "perfect" scent for me. So, I am trying several more scents in the 12 pack. I really enjoyed Summer Bouquet and Lemon Grass. Summer Bouquet smells like a flower garden. I recommend it for a lady's bedroom in the spring. Lemongrass goes very well in the bathroom, but it wasn't as strong as Summer Bouquet. I'm waiting for four more scents, and I hope I will find that perfect ONE or TWO that I can stick with year round.
average rating 100%
Best Candle 08/12/2016
By Michelle
I absolutely fell in love with this candle. The scent is very relaxing, and clean. I also received a hand written note with my order (love love) which I appreciated greatly. I am back to reorder since I literally burned mine everyday for at least 6 hours for about a month... Long lasting!! I do have one suggestion tho regarding the website, I wish we could sort the scents by strength, I like powerful candles and would like to view by that. It takes forever to look up each scent to see the fragrance level.

Thank you for the awesome product
average rating 100%
I have discovered a new best scent. 05/26/2020
By Donna Wilson
Every step of owning an pureintegrity candle is an event. From the time you open the box, till the last wiff of whichever scent you're burning, or in my case, melting.
The main reason I take time to write a review is because everything I purchase is based on reviews. That's how I discovered another new scent. I read where a lady said her mom always requested Lemongrass & Clary Sage Soy Candles as her gift. So I ordered some of my wax melts in that fragrance. I really, really like this scent. I have one in my warmer right now. I will order it again.
average rating 100%
Finally!! 10/27/2016
By Gay Mcgee
Who hasn't wasted hard earned money on candles that only smell good when you sniff them and puff soot into the air? I was determined to find a good quality candle that was actually fragrant. I poured through what seemed like hundreds of reviews on hundreds of candles and ended up with a big fat headache. I decided to purchase pure integrity before my head exploded. I was tired of getting ripped off. BEST CANDLE DECISION I EVER MADE - HANDS DOWN!! Clean burning, lasting fragrance and unbelievable selection of scents. I will be a customer for life.
average rating 100%
These candles are the BEST! 10/05/2018
By Elise Able
I'm a long-time candle lover. I've tried just about every brand and scent out there. Since I've discovered Pyre Integrity candles, I have not found any candles that can compare to the quality and beautiful scents of these. Though I don't have a store to purchase these near me, I often make a special trip to the nearest store for the day, just for these candles and to check out in person all of the new scents. When I purchase them online they arrive very quickly, and often with a few bonus samples to try and enjoy. This is an excellent cadle company!
average rating 100%
the best soy candles! 05/05/2019
By Trish
I have been purchasing from Pure Integrity, and am a very happy customer! The candles are amazing - a very nice scent even compared to other soy candle companies. They burn very clean - I lived in Juneau, Alaska for eight years, and burned regular candles (not soy), and had black streaks on my ceiling, and black markings on my outlets. I thought it was the oil heat at first, but it turned out to be the candles. Pure Integrity are the best candles on the market, and the personal note with each order goes above and beyond for customer service!
average rating 100%
First Order 07/20/2017
By MNLady
I ordered the 10 0z. Lemongrass & Sage
soy candle. I love the fragrance.
This is my very first order from Pure Integrity. The candle was well packaged and arrived in a very timely manner.
I deeply appreciated the personal note included.
Was surprised to receive the two tealight candles in an organza bag. I hung them on a hanger in my closet. What a nice thank you gift. It tells me that you appreciate your customers order.
I will look forward to place an order again at a later date and try a different fragrance..

average rating 100%
A New Fan 10/17/2019
By Susan Wald
Hello folks,

I just happened upon your website by researching soy candles via Google. And, to see that you are located in upstate NY and run a family business, I was interested. Now, you cannot keep me away! My Adirondack living room is the best scented for miles around. These smell wonderful; and long lasting as well. Of the three ordered, my favorite is Lemon Grass & Sage. Delightful. The other two are tied for second (Citrus Blossom and Mineral Springs). Thank you for your hard work and personal touches.

Stay well,
average rating 100%
After much research 06/26/2015
By Ellen Condon
I love these candles and order six at a time of the largest candle. These are top quality candles. We have an old coon hound who no matter what has an odor so we burn our candles almost none stop, rotating them out. I also have an intolerance and chemicals and pollutants bother my health. I started researching candles because I noticed my left lung was hurting...all from soot and paraffin. These candles burn evenly and no soot!!! The fragrance is so wonderful and so natural!!! I will NEVER buy another candle from anyone else!!!!
average rating 100%
the best! 05/30/2018
By mgm518
I've been burning candles for more than 40 years, and these are the best I've found! The scents are strong, and the candles burn without smoking. So far I've tried three of the Pure Integrity scents, and although all were really pleasant, Lemongrass and Clary Sage has been my favorite. It provides a natural-smelling fragrance, not a strong perfume-based odor! I've especially enjoyed my tealight-size candles because I can burn one for about half an hour, and it literally fills our (albeit small) living room with the heavenly scent!
average rating 100%
lovely fresh scent! 06/06/2017
By Kimberly in NM ranchlands
Love it...light yet notably scented. Clean and fresh. Almost like lovely background music that just you don't notice right away, but just sense right off that the room is pleasant.

The customer service was wonderful! I really appreciated the handwritten note and tealight sample of a scent she thought I might enjoy based on the candle I chose. And she was right! Mineral Springs is also lovely!

Thank you, Pure Integrity. I'm one of the people who rarely writes reviews, but you deserve it! Very best wishes!
average rating 100%
LOVE these candles! The reviews are accurate! 10/25/2015
By Shannon
These candles are amazing and live up to their high reviews! I ordered some melts online to try them out and quickly became a huge fan. I've since ordered several candles and really appreciate the fast 3 day shipping. They burn so nicely and are full of inviting, delicious fragrance. I also love the large variety of fragrances and sizes. Can't wait to try more! It's so refreshing to find a high quality product that you can trust is well worth the money and will always exceed your expectations. Thank you!
average rating 100%
Nothing but Praise For These Candles! 11/20/2015
By Anita
I love Lemon Grass fragrances and this one is the best! My favorite of all!!!! Burns forever and I like that they are natural and clean! Beautiful containers that you would use again for many different reasons.

I love the attention from this family owned business. She sent me a personal signed thank you note and a gift in my shipment. Signs with Peace be with you - who does this today!!! Love the candles - they fill like no other candle out their & love the people behind this company.
average rating 100%
I love these candles 03/17/2018
By Elizabeth Singleton
I have tried other soy candles, but they never have the wonderful scent of Pure Integrity candles. It's a treat for me to order them, but they are really worth it. I received my order quickly, but I have to add that the jar was broken on the lemongrass & clary sage - I did have another container to place the candle in once I removed the glass shards. I believe this was the fault of the shipper, not Pure Integrity. And, it won't stop me from reordering from them again and again.
average rating 100%
Love your company 07/03/2018
By Margo
The 10 oz. Lemongrass and Sage soy candles is wonderful! I’ve used it in the living room when visitors are present, in the center hall, and it has accompanied me at times to the kitchen. I love the robust scent. Looking forward to using the Almond Vanilla and the South African Freesia candles as well.

Thank you so much for the handwritten note and the sample of Plumeria that came with my order. What a pleasant surprise!

Pure Integrity is well-named.
average rating 100%
Heaven 02/06/2017
By Janet
I am slowly running through the different scents, and this is definitely a favorite. The scent is inviting and relaxing. I sleep better when I burn this candle in my bedroom, and can even catch the scent when I come home from work after hours of it being burnt out (as with all the scents). I would have never imagined the impact a scent could have until it was a big factor in allowing me to peacefully sleep.

Pure Integrity, you never, ever disappoint!
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