Amazing Candles

As a candle fanatic, I had tried more brands of candles than I could count. Desperate to find a candle that did not omit black soot as it burned, as well as one that actually gave off a strong scent, I started researching the Internet for candle recommendations. 

I stumbled upon After reading reviews, I knew I had to try the candle company that took the majority vote…Pure Integrity!

I can finally say that I have found a candle company that produces the best candle I have ever lit. 

I no longer have to put up with pricey, commercialized candles that turn black after burning, and do not fill a room with scent. I might as well have burned “scentless” candles while trying many of the other brands. 

I started ordering Pure Integrity candles and now the word has spread. I can proudly say that I have gotten others literally hooked on these candles. Truly amazing candles!

My favorite scents are herb garden and vanilla almond; however, I still have many to try. The promotions on shipping have been great for my pocketbook. 

Now, all I need is for a Pure Integrity Candles store to open in Missouri!

- Kristyn
Columbia, MO