Apple Crisp Scented Candle Review

Sue’s Apple Crisp Scented Candle Review

by Sue (Williamsville)

Thank you so much for offering the promotion, as I was able to try your candles and am completely satisfied. LOVE the Apple Crisp scented candle and the candles burn so beautifully.
I haven’t burned the second candle yet but it smells wonderful.
I will buy more candles in the future, they are truly wonderful.

Mn’s Apple Crisp Soy Candle Scented Candle Review

by MN (Columbus, OH)

I greatly enjoyed your Apple Crisp Scented Candle. Pleasant and true-to-life, without being perfumey or artificial smelling.

I would beg to differ with the “Moderate” scent strength – it’s actually quite powerful, and quickly so. I say this in comparison to the Lilac (strong) and Peppermint (very strong), since the Apple Crisp is both stronger and faster than both of those.