Lemongrass Clary Sage Scented Candle Reviews

Lemongrass Clary Sage Scented Candle Reviews

Love this candle! I’m a big fan of lemony scents in the bathroom, and this candle not only does the trick, but the scent spills out into the hallway! The Clary sage element tones the lemongrass into almost a woodsy-lemon, but the lemon is definitely the stronger note.

Ruchi’s Sage & lemongrass Candle Review

by ruchi  (seattle)

The Lemon Grass Sage Candle is strong!! What a beautiful vibrant and clean smell. I really liked this candle – crisp and herby. I burned it in the bathroom. The scent creates a very spa-ish feel! Just love it!

Lemongrass & Clary Sage

by Donna (MA)

I tried this candle and it had a strong scent that reminded me of citronella. I will use this candle outdoors as lemongrass is a natural insect repellent and the strong scent should work very well.

Nancy’s Lemongrass Sage Melts

by Nancy Cassara (Covington LA)

This would be the only scent that I can say I didn’t “take to”. To me is smelled too much like a soapy smell. I love ALL of my candles that I receive from Pure Integrity and have found that your candles are the only ones that I truly LOVE to burn. The scents are fabulous so please don’t change a thing.

I would love a Sea Salt fragrance though, maybe similar to the one that Illuminations used to make. It was a wonderful fragrance for the bath.

Keep up the great work!!

Joni’s Lemongrass Clary Sage Candle Review

by Joni (Iowa)

Lemongrass is a very clean and fresh scented candle. I burn it in my sunroom and love it.

I will definitely buy it again, and I think it’s a good scent to gift. Great service and quality candles.



I remember purchasing this scent in New York City many years ago. Never could find any candle that even came close. Well, Pure Integrity not only came close, it surpassed it in every way. Love  your Lemongrass candle!! thank you, as always.