Autumn Splendor Candles

Though titled autumn splendor, this candle makes me think of Christmas when used. I LOVE the Autumn Splendor Candles. The company actually sent it to me as a sample with another order and I fell in love. Had to order it for myself. Dissipates throughout large open spaces and has a long lasting scent. One of my favorite candles!

- Joy
Myrtle Beach

6 thoughts on “Autumn Splendor Candles

  1. Jessica Elkins says

    I’ve tried many candles abd these by far id the best and last forever. I especially love getting the tealights. I will continue to purchase then. Thank you for these beautiful smelling candles. Don’t ever stop making them.

  2. Londa Wheeler says

    I have ordered these candles every year now for awhile. They are great,I have regular ones I buy and some extra scents to try them out. Sometimes 15-20 types as when my 2 adult children and their children they have to shop at my candles to see what is new and smell great, those days my candles seem to leave my house. I have to order at least once a year.They love the tealights the best.

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