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Hi. I’ve been recently shopping around for some good candles as a gift to my mom and had heard about you guys from many people, so I decided to check it out. After reading through the site, I was interested in buying some candles.
My question, though, is about how one can get an idea of what they smell like. I have about 5 candles that I’m interested in but, I don’t know how they would smell. I’m not much of a candle enthusiast so I wouldn’t really know. Do you guys have sample cards or any type of candle samples?


Kevin Edgar



4 thoughts on “Candle Samples

  1. Mia says

    I,too, would like to see you offer several tea light sample packs that offer 12 different scents per pack so out of state customers can sample a broad range of your scents before committing to the larger candle purchase. I hope you will consider this.
    Many thanks!

    North Carolina

  2. Jane Margesson says

    I to am interested in trying your candles but am unsure of what scent to purchase. Do you have any samples? I am looking for a strong scent that is green and/or woodsy.

    Many thanks for your kind attention,
    Jane Margesson

  3. Sarah Rotella says

    Yes Yes – samples!!!
    First and foremost, THANK YOU! I have been on an on-going search for soy candles with fall fragrances. You can imagine the joy I felt when I found your website!!! Just one downfall, I do like to smell the scent of a candle before purchasing it, and I live in California, so I will not be able to go to one of your stores. (Unless you do have a store out here that carries your candles? **nudge nudge, wink wink!!!!) Is there a way to get a tea-light version of a candle to try out before I invest in a jar candle? Thank you so much for your time!

    Sarah Rotella

    • Danielle says

      I’ve been facing the same problem. My potential solution is buying a bunch of the wax melts to smell (sense they are cheapest) and return them. Then I can purchase the candles I liked best. The problem is I don’t know if this company accepts returns

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