Candles Burns Strong & Even!

I love a candle that burns strong and evenly. I found you guys a couple of years ago online. I was on a hunt for some soy candles and I found your site. 

I had never seen soy tealights so I ordered a couple of dozen. As soon as I burned the first one I was hooked. Your candles burns strong and do last longer then others candles I have used.

I took one to my mothers house and next thing I know she made a big candle order to you guys. I just hate that I’m in Texas and your up in New York. 

Then again I would be in trouble if I could just walk into your candle store and start grabbing. Im sure it smells wonderful. 

The shipping is the only thing that gets me but its worth it with the shipping specials. Im just so glad I found you guys and thanks again!!!!

- Tonia
Magnolia, Tx, u.s.a.