Phenomenal Fragrance

While trying to please my husbands obsession with candles I told him I wanted to see if I could find candles that would blow away the “Yankee Candles” he has been buying for the last 15 to 20 years. 

I did a “Google” search and started reading some of the reviews about candles. I came across an article that mentioned “Pure Integrity Soy Candles” and I told my husband I think I found a nice replacement for your “Yankee Candle” obsession. 

He wasn’t too thrilled about trying other candles. So I ordered 2 of the 26oz. with scent strenght rating of, “WOW” from the website…that was a few months ago…then I ordered 4 of the 26oz candles….and my last order was 8 of the 26oz candles. 

Now we just can’t get enough of the “Pure Integrity Soy Candles”!!!! These candles burn with phenomenal fragrance!!

Thank god I was able to convince my husband to try something different. He won’t burn any other candle since trying the “Pure Integrity Soy Candles”!!! We LOVE THEM and the wonderful service we get too….Thanks for sharing your wonderful product. 

Your’e right, Pure Integrity Candles makes the best scented candle hands down! 

- Stella Wolf
Arnold, MIssouri