Cinnamon and Clove or Orange and Clove

I am looking for candles with either Cinnamon and Clove or Orange and Clove scents. What are your recommendations?

- Amanda Register
Fort Worth, TX

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2 thoughts on “Cinnamon and Clove or Orange and Clove

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      Hi Joni, Cinnamon and Clove are such warm and comforting spices. I would suggest our Autumn Splendor Candles
      Lisa, a customer of ours just posted a recent review of Autumn Splendor. Lisa said,
      “I’m burning this scent right now. I’m wishing I had bought a larger candle in Autumn Splendor to last into November. I pick up cinnamon scent and a little clove, it is a very warm fragrance, perfect for fall. It is a subtle and moderate fragrance just enough!”

      I would also direct you to our Orange Pomander Candles
      Gillian Bowman had this to say about our Orange Pomander Candles,
      “I love this scent–citrusy with a tiny bit of spices. My favorite part about Pure Integrity candles (beyond their fragrance and attention to healthy ingredients) is the JAR! It looks so lovely when lit.”

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