Cranberry Spice, Sugared Spruce

I don’t usually write reviews, but these candles are so great I want to add my voice to so many others praising them. In an effort to give my home a pleasant scent I bought a candle warmer. During this process Pure Integrity candles were recommended. I bought 4 Christmas scents. My granddaughter wanted to try Cranberry Spice. As soon as the candle warmer melted the wax the whole house smelled wonderful. My husband loves the scent! Today I tried Sugared Spruce. It’s wonderful! I am so pleased with this product. The thing that is really important to me is that these candles and tarts are soy, and from an air quality standpoint that is so much better than candles made from petroleum based whatever they’re made from. I had used soy candles for a long time. I switched back to regular candles because it became difficult to find quality soy candles. Until now! I love these tarts! Oh, and they last forever. A little goes a long way. I highly recommend these. ­čÖé

- Sandra Strohmeier
Kelseyville, CA