Diane’s Patchouli Woods Candle Review

This is by far my favorite scent from PI, and in the past month I’ve ordered at least 8 candles!!! I guess I will always like the smell of Patchouli (what can I say, child of the ’70’s) and this one is very “delicate” and light. Some Patchouli can be overbearing/potent, but this Patchouli Woods Candle is very nice. And I burned it for the better half of a day!

PI candles burn so very clean you don’t notice that sooty odor in the air, or the candle flickering wildly and burning uneven. They really do burn even so there’s not that big whole in the middle and candle wasted up the side. I will definitely be back for more. Thank you PI for a wonderful candle.

- Diane
Campbell, CA