Giving a gift


I love your candles and I would like to send them to a friend. Is there any way to ship candles to my friend but not have the pricing info displayed?  What else is in the shipping box?


- Sara
Chicago, IL

One thought on “Giving a gift

  1. Amy says

    Hi Sara,
    When ordering online, you can easily bill to one address and ship to another. We will note this and will not include a packing slip. The person will receive the order, along with a handwritten note from us (if you would like to tell us what to say, just leave a message in the comment box – otherwise we’ll say something along the lines of “Sara has sent you this lovely gift…” etc. We will also include some sample tealights in a different scent for them to try out.
    Hope that helps! Any questions, give us a call at 1-877-273-0574.

    Pure Integrity

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