How to clean jars?

I am a long time customer and have saved all my jars, mostly 5oz. Each has about 3/8″ wax in the bottom. I want to use the wax in a candle warmer, and I want to use the jars and lids for spices. What is the best way to get the wax out and clean the jars? Thank you.

- Denise Power
Springfield, Missouri, USA

3 thoughts on “How to clean jars?

  1. Donna says

    Generally soy wax will pop out nicely if you set it in the freezer for about half an hour and use a butter knife to loosen it from the sides.

  2. Holly says

    I like the idea of extra wax in jar for cable warmer (wish I’d thought of that before I dug out and threw away).

    I too would like to use my jars (seems a waste to throw away). The wicks are glued well onto the bottom; suggestions to get them out without damaging the jars? Input appreciated.

  3. says

    When I clean my jars out, I do it in the oven. Take a cookie sheet, line it with tin foil and a paper towel on top of the foil. Place the jar upside down and put it in the oven. I set mine at 200 degrees. When the wax melts, it will be absorbed on the paper towel and the jar will be clean. Makes the house smell wonderful too! If you want to save the wax or use it in another warmer, leave them right-side up in the oven and just pour the melted wax into another container (make sure you have oven mitts on!). Once you get a majority of the wax out, you can flip them over, throw them back in the oven to clean the remaining wax out of the jar!

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