Jen’s Chocolate Candle Review

First I have to mention the Quality Customer Service! PI is out to give you not only a quality candle, but I think they truly want the customer to be pleased and feel special.

My first order of the scrumptious chocolate candle was upgraded from a 10 oz to a 16 oz.¬† Now I’m sure they don’t do that for everybody; maybe it was even a mistake and they decided to upgrade for my benefit. However, it was such an exciting surprise! A pretty handwritten note was included. That really makes PI stand out from the crowd. You get the feeling that if you were in any way dissatisfied with an order, they would be more than willing, and happy, to make it right with no hassles.

As for the fragrance, this was the MOST AMAZING CHOCOLATE SMELL I HAVE EVER INHALED! I’ve tried several PI fragrances, and the smells are so authentic! Not only did it smell like I had something baking in the oven, the smell was also strong and carried well through my home. It also made me hungry! That would be my only complaint ;0). Maybe PI could send some brownies with their chocolate candle next time (just kidding!) :).

Although now PI has Cocoa Mint (which I’ve never tried), I’ve burned Chocolate with their Peppermint candle and it is scrumptious. Great for making holiday memories.

You will definitely not be disappointed with a Chocolate PI candle. Enjoy choosing!

- Jen
Northwest, Ohio