Jen’s Papaya Passion Candle Review

I’m PASSIONATE about Papaya Passion Candle! It has been awhile since anyone has mentioned this fragrance, and it is a great one for summer.

I don’t know what a papaya is supposed to smell like, but this fragrance smells fruity without being too tart. It is so hard to describe but the fragrance is so strong and carries so well. I like for every room in my house to smell like papaya passion.

If you are unsure if you will like this particular scent, try their melts first. After you have tried it, be sure to buy a BIG jar candle of papaya passion, because you’ll probably be burning it all summer! I burn PI candles so often that I have to hide my PI candles to stop myself from using them ALL THE TIME (and soy even lasts a LONG time). ­čÖé

- Jen
Northwest, Ohio