Lavender Scented Candle Reviews

Kathleen’s Lavender Candle Review

by Kathleen (Portland Maine)

If I had to describe Your Candle with a couple of Words it would be – Luxurious relaxation.  The perfect essence of lavender for me!

Jade’s Lavender Scented Candle Review

by Jade (New York, New York)

I love Pure Integrity’s Lavender Candles. Their candles are long lasting and really fills the room. The company also provides great customer service. Will buy your candles again and again! 🙂

Lavender Scented Candle Reviews

I looked up in Goggle for the best smelling candle. The other candles that I purchased for more money than these, were beginning to loose their scent. These are not only less money, but a better stronger smell and quality of candle. Already have told my daughters. Love your candles!!

Lavender Soy Candle Review

by Shawn B. (Maryland)

Medium scent throw, not too much vanilla like some lavender scents…gives a ‘true lavender’ fragrance. All PI candles melt very evenly, this one is no different! Because the scent throw is not as strong as others, I melt in bathroom or bedroom…scent still carriers throughout the hall. Can’t wait to order a bunch of lavender votives for my June wedding!!

Trish’s Lavender Soy Melt review

Absolutely love this Lavender scent. Great throw on your  candle melts ! It fills the room and many more. Very relaxing! Love it!!!