Pumpkin Pie Scented Candle Reviews

Andrew’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by Andrew (Virginia)
This was in my first order from Pure Integrity Soy Candles. I love the Pumpkin Pie scent! It reminds me very much of fall.

Very strong and realistic pumpkin pie scent. Did I mention STRONG? You can tell the candle is burning from outside the front door when it is closed!

It fills our entire living room and kitchen, and works it’s way into the basement nicely.

If we burn it in the basement, it works it’s way upstairs with ease.

The scent also lasts for several hours after it is extinguished. You can smell a hint of it the day after you burn it, even when it’s been extinguished for 24 hours and covered.

The candles burn very clean as well, and are attractive with the frosted jar with no label.

With the dual wick, they are quick to throw scent, yet they are long lasting.

So far, they seem to be lasting at least as long as the large Yankee candle jars, if not longer. I’m very pleased with pure integrity and this scent.

Stacy’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by Stacy (michigan)

I love this candle! My first Pure Integrity Candle is a year old and still smells like it did when I got it.

Pure Integrity’s candles smells good when it’s not even lit.

I’ve purchased three of them now and will probably get more, too.

Lisa’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by Lisa (Maryland)

This is probably my favorite candle from Pure Integrity. Have been ordering it for years. You guys make awesome candles and have many friends who order from you.

I burn this in my open kitchen/family room and it makes it smell delicious.

Thanks for the great candles and great customer service.

Patti’s Pumpkin Pie, 26 oz Candle Review

by Patti (SC)

I love this candle. The cold scent is fantastic and just gets better when the candle is lit.
When it is lit, the wonderful smell fills the entire bottom floor of my house – and even some of the upstairs!

Jess’s Pumpkin Pie Scented Candle Review

by jess (pa)

I received your Pumpkin Pie Scented Candles and your Apple Stuedel Scented Candles as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend.

I can honestly say these are the best candles I have EVER burned. They are highly scented, burn evenly and burn clean. I only need to light one candle at a time and my whole house is filled with the scent. You have a customer for life! My boyfriend asked me if there was anything that I would change about them and I couldn’t think of one thing.

As a candle lover who has tried just about every candle on the market, these are the best I’ve come across!

Joe’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by JoE long (Ohio)

I ordered several different candles from Pure Integrity. The pumpkin was far and away the best. The other candles boasted excellent smells, but didn’t deliver the raw potency of the pumpkin candles. My apartment favored that pleasant fall aroma with every breath. The burn was steady and clean. This candle is the best combination of sweet smell and fierce potency I’ve ever bought. You better believe it will be a fall staple in my life for years to come! It really gave some zest to the end of my summer. Thanks, pure integrity

Kimberly’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by Kimberly Gipson (Kansas city, Missouri)

I was looking for a strong scented candle and all the candle websites with reviews recommended Pure Integrity Candles. I love that they burn clean and the scent is all over my house. And it lasts longer than any brand that I have used. Pumpkin Pie is my favorite so far…but I also love Mistletoe. Thank you Pure Integrity!!!! Will definitely be ordering again.

Lori’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by Lori (Philadelphia)

Best candle I ever had. So worth the price. My house smelled soooooo good, just like a pumpkin pie. I pretty much used all of it up already. This candle burns evenly. Love these candles. Will definitely order more. Thank you.

Jan’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by Jan Smith-lyon (utica ms)

Pure Integrity’s Pumpkin Pie Scented Candles  are the most authentic pumpkin pie fragrance I have found and is definitely a hit with my husband who never comments about any of my candles. I need to try more scents, possibly Victorian Christmas next.

My only complaint with Pure Integrity is their high shipping charges, but when you receive your candles, you know it was worth the extra price!
I am very much a fan of soy candles & to find a company that makes candles with a great throw is great!

Debbie’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by debbie (batavia)

This is another one of my favorite candles from Pure Integrity.. Strong, and smells just like pumpkin pie. Pure Integrity are my favorite candles, I can’t find any that are even close! Thanks Pure Integrity for amazing smelling candles!!!

Dee’s Pumpkin Pie Scented Candle Review

by Dee (Merrimack,NH)

I don’t bake but when I have my pumpkin pie candle burning it smells like I just took a fresh pie out of the oven! I love this Pumpkin Pie Candle! I’ve got my husband hooked on Pure Integrity Candles too!

Sasha Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by Sasha Concaugh (Rockville, MD)

I love this candle scent! Pumpkin Pie is perfect for Fall! Not too sweet just yummy!

Pumpkin Pie Candle Review From Texas

(Houston, TX, USA)

The Pumpkin Pie Scented Candles has such a Great smell! I have a two story home and the pumpkin pie scent went throughout the house.

Linda’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by Linda (Orchard Park, NY)

This candle is so yummy. We were watching TV one night and my husband says “that pumpkin pie candle is making me hungry”! It smells just like a pie baking in the oven.

Nancy’s Pumpkin Pie Tealights Review

by Nancy stevens (buffalo, ny)

These pumpkin pie tea lights are beautifully packaged for display! The scent is sweet, and strong, even without burning them! My whole house smells like a delicious pumpkin pie! I am a candle lover, and I am so glad I have been introduced to Pure Integrity Candles! They are my new favorite candles!

Mary’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by Mary Ellen (Pleasant Valley, NY)

I have a candle display on the coffee table in my living room that holds 3 tealights. I burned 3 Pumpkin Pie tealights while watching movies with my family. The room smelled wonderful, as if I was baking a pie … with NO calories!!

I first experienced your candles at the Erie County Fair. They are by far the best smelling and burning candles I’ve ever used. I don’t live near Buffalo right now, but I’m willing to do mail order or make a special trip when I’m in Western NY in order to get the best candles.

Kathy’s Pumpkin Pie Melts Review

by Kathy (georgia)

I absolutely love your melts! The scent seems much stronger than with your already strong candles. However, they both have the fragrance I was looking for. The spicy scent fills our entire living area. I will definitely order more and pass along the website info to all my candle-loving friends. Thanks!

Jimmy’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by jimmy (huntington, wv)

This is the best Pumpkin Pie Scented Candle! It burns well and long. But best of all is the smell, its as if you have fresh pies in the oven you can actually smell the crust.

I burn this in my living room and I have an open floor plan so I smell it in the dinning room and kitchen as well not to mention you can even smell it upstairs.
Can’t wait to try more Pure Integrity Candles.

Well worth the price and the customer service is GREAT!

Nancy M’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by Nancy Monteleone (Perry NY)

The Pumpkin Pie Candle is my daughter-in-laws and my favorite scent. The house smells like fall. I love Pure Integrity’s pumpkin pie candle!!

Nancy’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by Nancy (Williamsville)

Your Pumpkin Pie Candles has a lovely spice color & a sweet smell. The candle smells a bit like caramel to me. Thank you for the Christmas scent candles sample. I look forward to stopping in to smell the evergreen candle!

Melinda’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by Melinda (AZ)

My husband hates scented candles but at this time of year he allows me to burn this scent because I absolutely love your Pumpkin Pie Scented Candles and just have to have them!!!!. It is the perfect pumpkin pie scent and fills my house when burning. I live in a 50’s ranch. I got my daughter the larger size and she lives in a open plan home and she wants me to order two more for her style house.

I only buy from Pure Integrity Candles, not only for quality and superb customer service but I have two birds and will only burn soy for their safety as well.

I only wish this scent came in a cologne..I would wear it! Please make a car scent and reed diffuser too!

Pumpkin Pie Candle

I love this candle. I could smell before I lit. This candle was wonderful while burning.
Scent is the most important thing to me when it comes to candles and this might be the best I’ve had and I’ve had a lot!  I love Pure Integrity’s Pumpkin Pie candle.

Toni’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

by Toni (denver)

This one really smells like a pumpkin pie in the oven. I can really smell the pumpkin.
I like to burn two of them at the same time – one upstairs and one downstairs.  This is a very yummy fragrance! Love Pure Integrity Candles.