Lemongrass Sage Scented Candle Review

I really, really like the lemongrass candle fragrance and the color. Your jars are beautiful.
I want to thank Pure Integrity for your interest in my order. You saved me on shipping which I totally appreciate. You also sent me extra tea lights just to see if I like the fragrance~Thank you~
I bought these candles mainly to use at work because I get headaches from regular candles, so I hope these will not give me headaches. I ordered other scents as well and can’t wait to try them 🙂

- Lydia Gray
Forest City, IA USA

One thought on “Lemongrass Sage Scented Candle Review

  1. Bethany Lazarski says

    This scent is fantastic. It is both soothing yet powerful, and it smells great in summer with the fresh air coming in, and also a little Christmasy in winter with everything closed up. Definitely a fave!

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