Lilac Candle Review

I ordered this for the Spring having already tried Gardenia which I really like. I am not that fond of the Lilac scent and would not reorder myself but others who like Lilac might like this.



- Chantal

6 thoughts on “Lilac Candle Review

  1. RobBob says

    I love these. I’ve been buying these for over 6 years and I won’t buy from anyone else. I heartily recommend picking them up. ~RobBob

  2. Jo Ann says

    I recently purchased the Lilac candle the fragrance right on. Smells exactly like the Lilac Blossom. Definitely would consider purchasing this again.

  3. Julie Bacon says

    I never leave reviews however…. the lilac candles are the best I’ve ever had. And truest to the real smell. I’m from Nebraska, now living in Georgia, and you can’t grow true lilac bushes down here. I used to have one in my back yard… to bring them in the house in spring with the windows open… my whole house smelled wonderful. Well I can now have that same smell down here in the south. Thank you so much and I hope you never stop making them.

  4. Julie says

    I love all the candles that I have purchased from you. My ultimate favorite is the lilac though. Reminds me of home as they don’t grow in Georgia. Please don’t ever stop making them.

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