Lilac Scented Candle Review by Judi Higgins

We were so glad to find soy candles for sale online as my husband has COPD and he was told not to burn/breathe regular candles. We weren’t able to find many local stores which carry soy candles so we were delighted to find your website. We first bought the Lilac scent and bought only one candle as we wanted to make sure we were happy with the candle before we bought more. Your candle was delightfully scented and was like a room freshener throughout our home. We were so happy with your candle that we quickly bought 4 more to be sure that we had one on hand when the first one burned down. I can’t wait to experience the scent of the new candles. Your candles burn cleanly and smell so good. We’re hooked and will be coming to your website to make future candle purchases. For sure we’ll recommend you to our family and friends.

- Judi Higgins
Bullhead City, Arizona