Mistletoe Scented Candle Review by Kelli Crosby

I have been an avid Partylite and Yankee Candle customer for over a decade. I recently beat colon cancer and am trying to detox my body, diet and home. I love, love, love burning candles and making my home smell lovely, so that when I walk in the door it smells like the season. However, the black soot, the residue and knowing that parrafin is toxic, has made me seek a healthier alternative. I’ve tried beeswax candles and they just don’t have the fragrance power I’m looking for. An internet search turned up Pure Integrity and I decided to try it. Well, let me tell you, they are powerfully fragrant and I am a FAN!! I’ve found my healthy candle alternative and I love it! I’m melting Mistletoe (which smells like a Christmas tree!) and burning the free sample of Pumpkin Pie (which is making my mouth water), and I’m in love. Thank you Pure Integrity for creating a healthy candle!

- Kelli Crosby
Colorado Springs, CO