I absolutly love Pure Integrity Candles!

Linda’s Vanilla Tealights Review

I found PI on candlefind where it’s listed as among the best scented candles. I really wouldn’t consider myself a “candle person” because candles that I smell in the store either don’t have much of a scent or the scent smells artificial. So, I dipped a toe in and took advantage of the tealight and melt discount to see if this company could get it right.

They did and boy was I delighted.

The scents I ordered were among my favorites like Lily of the Valley, Gardenia and Vanilla. I burned (3) vanilla tealights in my bathroom this week while I put my makeup on.

They burned a couple of hours each day and it’s Saturday and it looks like they are on their final day. So burn time is superior to other tealights. Fragrance is moderate and pleasant. This is not overly sweet so it would be a good all purpose, unisex scent. This is a nice compliment for my vanilla bath products. Thanks!

- Linda
Sisters, Oregon