Janet’s Vanilla Tealights Candle Review

Because of all the rave reviews regarding Pure Integrity’s Vanilla I ordered this scent. Because of my previous impression of vanilla scents…I stuck with the tealights. Good thing.

While I can say that this Vanilla smells like a good adaptation of a true vanilla scent, it is a heavy fragrance just like the smell of very high quality vanilla extract. To Pure Integrity’s credit, this is a dramatic improvement over all the nasty, artificial vanilla scents in the fragrance world…it is just not to my liking.

For me there was no room enhancing experience with this scent. I just find many other scents of Pure Integrity able to create a much richer, more amazing scent experience…so I probably wont reorder Vanilla…unless I have a friend who LOVES vanilla. Then I am certain this is a perfect choice.

- Janet
Springfield, MO