Michelle’s Pillar Candle Question

Hello! Do you carry pillar candles? I’m looking to buy quite a few pillar candles for my wedding.




One thought on “Michelle’s Pillar Candle Question

  1. admin says

    Hi Michelle, Pure Integrity does not currently make pillar candles or taper candles. All of our candles are in containers. Because of the nature of soy wax it is almost impossible to make attractive pillar candles or taper candles.

    Most soy candles are not actually soy wax. Most soy candles are a blend using a little bit of soy wax and blending it with another type of wax. Most often manufacturers will use paraffin wax (which is a byproduct of petroleum oil). However, some candle manufacturers will blend soy wax with Palm wax and/or beeswax. Certainly this is a healthier way to go.

    Most national brands like Yankee Candles, Tyler Candles, Gold Canyon Candles, etc. use almost exclusively paraffin wax. We are currently working on a new page on our website, candle finder that will give great suggestions on candles and candle accessories that we do not carry or manufacture.

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