Robin Stephen’s Caramel Vanilla Soy candle Review

I have been buying the Pumpkin Pie Soy candle and melts for a very long time and I LOVE them. Your Pumpkin Pie fragrance is one of my favorites!  I Tried the Caramel Vanilla Soy candle  as it was on sale this month.

It’s definitely not my Pumpkin Pie but it is very good. Does not have as strong  of a throw and you will need to use several large ones in a larger open room (put the big one in a bathroom) to get the fragrance. It also takes longer for the fragrance to fully develop as I am used to the (one) Pumpkin Pie sending out it’s wonderful smell right away. But, hey every fragrance develops differently and that is not a bad thing.

Once the Caramel Vanilla does develop it is a very comforting (something baking) aroma. I am enjoying this fragrance. 🙂

- Robin Stephens
Ellenwood, GA