Sandalwood Amber Scented Candle Reviews

Sandalwood Amber Candle Review

From my first order from Pure Integrity Candles, this was my first candle burned and I couldn’t be more pleased! The Sandalwood Amber scent was strong enough to fill my large-ish living room. The smell itself was a balanced blend between the two scents – nicely warm and inviting!

Janet’s Sandalwood/amber tealight Candle Review

by Janet (Missouri)

Love your Sandalwood Amber Scented Candles!!!! Just makes you want to take an extra breath every time you catch the scent! It is warm, slightly(perfectly) floral…sweet but not too, masculine but feminine. I THINK IT IS PERFECT!!!

My husband loves this scent also…and he is very particular about scents. We both love the scent level of your candles, perfect for the home.
Tealights burn for the stated times, with the scent being wafted evenly to the last flicker!!!

Sandalwood Amber Candle

This is great candle scent for a man’s bedroom or home. Romantic but masculine.
I have bought this candle over and over and get a lot of compliments.