Smelling Candles Before I Buy?

Since I have to buy these online, is it okay if I order a bunch and return some scents that I do not care for?¬† Your reviews of your candles are all outstanding, it is so hard to pick since I can’t smell them first? Note: I just want to get an idea of the scents, I don’t plan on burning them first and expect a return.

- Danielle
Macomb, MI, USA

One thought on “Smelling Candles Before I Buy?

  1. Michele Wray says

    Do you offer scent samples? I do not know of a store nearby and would only be ordering online. I have just ordered three large jars and really hope the reviews will reflect exactly how I feel about the scent. Even for a small fee, I would be willing to pay for a small sample of your fragrances.

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