Spiced Amber Soy Candle Fragrance

My favorite candle/scent was discontinued and I would love to find a similar scent. It was a Virginia Candle Olive Oil Candle called Spiced Amber. It smells like a romantic campfire. Can you recommend one of your scents that may be close or Could you make a spiced amber soy candle fragrance oil?



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One thought on “Spiced Amber Soy Candle Fragrance

  1. admin says

    Hi, The Spiced Amber fragrance sounds lovely. I love the scent of amber and the
    spicy fragrances like ylang, ylang, cinnamon, clove etc.

    We have a Sandalwood Amber Candle, that is outstanding. I really have a hard
    time describing this candle. Everyone who burns our sandalwood amber fragrance
    raves about it as a romantic, sensual, spa-like fragrance. You may want to read
    one of our customers Sandalwood Amber Candle Reviews.

    I did some research, trying to find the Amber Spice Candle, that Old Virginia
    used to make and I found nothing. But, I did find a few other companies I could refer you to. I found
    Tiamo Amber Soy Blend Candles has a few Amber Candles. Candle Delerium has a Amber Spice Candle
    and Shop Of Harmony has a type of Amber Candle as well.

    Another idea for you, is to try to remember some of the highlight fragrances of
    the amber spice candle when you burned it and then purchase some of our melts in
    those fragrances. I would imagine there was probably clove, as well as vanilla
    in it. Maybe a patchouli or cedar wood scent as well. Then combine a cube of each melt fragrance in your warmer and try to re-create the scent yourself.

    If you do a good job of re-creating it – let us know your scent combinations and
    we will work on re-creating the fragrance for our jar candles.

    Hope that helps you – Teresa

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