Summer Bouquet Is my Favorite Fragrance!

I just love Pure Integrity’s Summer Bouquet Candle. Since I live in the North, each time I burn this candle it takes my senses right to a much warmer climate. It reminds me of the beautiful floral fragrances that I smell while traveling on vacation in the Southern states.

- Joanne
Buffalo, NY, USA

One thought on “Summer Bouquet Is my Favorite Fragrance!

  1. Catherine Elkins says

    I absolutely love candles but have had a hard time and spent a lot of money looking for a good candle that has a strong enough scent to actually be noticeable when burned. I did some searching on the internet looking for a good candle and came across Pure Integrity and thought I would give them a try. I purchased the Summer Bouquet scent and am absolutely in love. These are the best candles. I love that they are clean burning soy and the scent actually fills my whole apartment with an amazing scent. I will only purchase from Integrity Candle in the future. These candles are amazing and worth every penny.

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