The most fragrant soy candles I’ve found

Several years ago I learned that I work more effectively with the fragrance of a burning candle, and ever since I’ve worked with a lit candle in my home office. I also quickly learned that the smoke from traditional wax candles burn isn’t healthy, so I began to buy soy or other non-carcinogenic candles. Unfortunately most soy candles burn with a very weak fragrance, so I searched brick and mortar stores and online stores, buying many, many products searching for pungent, nice smelling soy candles. Honestly, I found none until I ran across Pure Integrity. These are absolutely the best candles I’ve ever purchased, and they have so many to choose from! This year, it’s almost all I am giving for gifts for the holidays. Thanks Pure Integrity for making a quality product right here in the USA!

- David M Lipscomb
Los Altos, CA, USA